Young Adults


Merge is a team effort  made up of young adults from the local churches in Welland and from Niagara College.   We believe in celebrating the things that make us different all the while clinging to what really makes us all the same – our relationship with Christ.   We have young adults from all different backgrounds and denominations as we seek to MERGE together into one group that is passionate about following Jesus and sharing his love with those around us.   We support one another, encourage one another and grow together.  We are an official recognized Niagara College Club with the support and backing  from the local churches in Welland.    Join the Merge Welland Facebook group to learn more.

Merge Nights

Currently on Summer Break


Merge Night's are broken down into 2 parts, a video discussion and games. In the video discussion, we aren't afraid to tackle the hard issues. We love going deep and then in a group discuss our thoughts and opinions on what we just heard. After the video discussion, we spend the rest of the night playing games. These games range anywhere from Church wide Dodgeball to Super Smash Bros to a whole wack of just silly games. We usually start the night at the Niagara College Campus and then make our way back to Rice Road Community Church for games but sometimes this changes depending on what we are doing that night. To get all the details for upcoming Merge nights, check out the Merge Welland Facebook Page. 


Girl's Night/Guys's Night 

Currently on Summer Break

Girl's and Guy's night are specifically for support and accountability. Life is hard and often life enjoys kicking us when we are down. We like to meet together in our groups so that we can support and care for each other as each of us walks their own unique journey towards Christ. We listen, encourage and pray for each other. There will also usually be some sort of awesome game planned for the evening planned as well.  

What do we do?

Random Events 

Merge is a family and we love to hang out and just have a good time together. This often leads us to plan different things to do together. We have done Murder Mystery Parties, Archery Tag, Scavenger Hunts, Cottage Retreats and much more. Information about upcoming Events can be found on the Merge Facebook Page.

"As a student who moved from the East  Coast of Canada to Welland and not knowing anyone, Merge has become family for me. It's an amazing way to meet new people, create epic friendships, have fun and build up my faith and relationship with Christ. Merge has made my move to Welland so much better than I ever imagined - having people to talk to, to serve in the community with, and to experience life with has made a world of difference. Without Merge, my life would not be the same. Merge has helped me grow in my faith, given me an awesome social life, as well as amazing opportunities to serve in my new community.  Sometimes you just find that group of friends for a year or so, but Merge has become my family for life!" - Petra Lane 

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