About Us 

At Rice Road Community Church, we embrace the core truths of Christianity and present them in a way that is real, intellectual, bold, and fun. We care about you, and we have made a place for you here. We are passionate followers of Jesus Christ who have found our hope in Him and His message. Our goal is to share the joy that we are given with as many people as possible.

Our Method

Our Leadership

Pastor Matt has been on staff at RRCC since November 2003.  He is married to his college sweetheart Bobbie Sue and they have a daughter, Hope who is married and living in Saskatchewan with her husband Josh. They also have a son, Jonah who is living and working in Montreal, QC.


Pastor Matt is currently working on his Masters of Arts in Leadership at Wesley Seminary in Indiana and is slated to graduate in August 2020.  He loves listening to a broad spectrum of music from Classical to Indie Rock.  He enjoys reading the Bible, books on healthy church development, leadership and John Grisham novels.  He enjoys playing and watching many sports, but his favourites are hockey, volleyball, golf, and tennis. He very much looks forward to vacationing with his family as he finds it revitalizing and memory-making.  He loves to play games with his family and reminisce about the good times they have had together.

He is passionate about developing a church that serves those in it, those around it, and the world at large.  He loves to see people fall deeply in love with Christ and does all he can, to help as many as he can, experience Christ and His love.

Josh Allan

Lay Pastor

Josh was born in Welland November 1st 1990. He started as an attendee at Rice Road Community Church back in February of 2002 with his mother, father and 4 younger siblings. He met his wife Kimberly in 2013 at Niagara College Canada when she moved from her hometown of Millbrook.


Josh is currently tracking towards ordination with the Free Methodist Church in Canada. Having taken after his father, Josh enjoys a record collection of his own, ranging from 60s and 70s pop, to ska punk and all the way to extreme metal. Josh likes to keep educated on the scriptures, national and international news, technology and gaming. While not a huge fan of traditional sports, Josh does enjoy the sports of powerlifting and strongman, as well as the world of eSports. He likes spending time in crowds and finds festivals and carnivals exciting. Josh looks forward to traveling with Kimberly and their two dogs whenever they get the chance.


Josh has a passion to show God's perfect love to those who have not experienced it. He yearns to see the marginalized and the down trodden restored by God's grace and mercy. Josh loves speaking the truth about who God is and how Christ transformed his life to those who do not know God. 


Our Beliefs 


We refer to our Beliefs as "Articles of Religion."


What are Articles of Religion?

The Articles of Religion  are the official doctrinal statements of the Free Methodist Church worldwide. The term “Articles of Religion” came to Methodism through John Wesley’s adaptation of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England.

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