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What is UTURN?

UTURN is our program for kids from grade 6 to grade 8. I mean Life is crazy, and there are literally a million different directions we can go in.  At UTURN, we go against the individualistic teaching of society and believe that everyone has equal value. We don’t judge people based on their talents, embarrassments, failures, and successes but rather we believe everyone is a treasure created in the image of God. At UTURN, we don’t shy away from the tough issues and we live life as an adventure – not willing to settle for anything less. Through the use of awesome activities and in-depth studies of God’s word, we investigate where the different paths of life lead and discover together how to follow God’s leading as we maneuver through life.  

What We Do

UTURN Nights

Our programming is split into 2 parts, games and discussion. Games do more than just create a  good time, they build relationships. When life is full of ups and downs we need people in our lives who will have our backs. At UTURN our goal is to create friendships that last. The second part of what we do is a discussion. Like we said, every day has so many different choices and decisions and we want to make sure each teen has the resources they need to make the best choices they can. Using biblical truths and real-life stories from other teens we engage with teens in a way they can understand.   

UTURN Events

Once a month, we make sure to plan an event that is simply geared towards enjoyment. There is so much to do around Welland and we want to give our students the chance to experience it in a safe and friendly environment. These events are planned by student leaders in the UTURN program.