Merge is a team effort  made up of young adults from the local churches in Welland and from Niagara college. We believe in celebrating the things that make us different all the while clinging to what really makes us all the same – our relationship with Christ. We have young adults from all different backgrounds and denominations as we seek to MERGE together into one group that is passionate about following Jesus and sharing his love with those around us. We support one another, encourage one another and grow together. We are an official recognized Niagara College Club with the support and backing  from the local churches in Welland. We meet Mondays at 7:00 pm on Niagara College Campus in Classroom L1 during the school year and at Rice Road Community Church throughout the summer. 
Merge Leadership 
Darren Merge 2
Darren Kendall 
Student Pastor 
Petra Lane
Merge Club President
Faith Tabernacle 
Josh Merge
Josh Allan 
Merge Worship Leader