Canadian TanWelcome to the first ever 4 Pad Ministick Arena, where hockey is played with miniature hockey sticks. Hockey lovers, or not, it is a great night played by all! This program is open to both boys and girls ages 6-11 and runs Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm.
In the event of the evening we have all ages grouped into teams of 3 students to a team during the first half of the evening. There are 4 different scheduled games played amongst the boys and 3 games amongst the girls with Octaball challenges to follow. Also, if students are awaiting for their team to play, there are air hockey, fooseball games and the famous Octaball challenge (it is dodge ball played in a very large octagon shape).
There is then a small snack served with a lot of water for the students as they sit and listen to a 10 minute message, video, or magic show about the Bible. After the break, the boys are headed back for the playoffs sessions ending with Bronze, Silver and Gold champions. While the boys are excited about the finals, the girls are still active in another room where they are engaged in team activities, games and competitions. Each week is a new game challenge. Some are minute to win it games, obstacle courses, memory games, dance/dance competitions and much more.
For more information or details, please contact (Steve & Jenn Dubé) at: