Junior High (Grades 6-8)

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Life is crazy, and there are literally a million different directions a youth can go in. There are millions of different paths to take and millions of different possibilities to choose from. At UTURN we go against the individualistic teaching of society and believe that everyone has equal value. We don’t judge people based on their talents, embarrassments, failures and successes but rather we believe everyone is a treasure created in the image of God. At UTURN, we don’t shy away from the tough issues and we live life as an adventure – not willing to settle for anything less. Through the use of awesome activities and in depth studies of God’s word, we investigate where the different paths of life lead and discover together how to follow God’s leading as we maneuver through life.  Come check us out on Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 8:00. Programming starts at 6:30, however feel free to come early as we offer a drop in from 5:30-6:30 when Jr Highs are free to just come and hang out. 
Upcoming Events
Invasion Infection
Date:Sept 15th 
Location: Rice Road Community Church 
Drop off: 6:30 pm at RRCC
Pick up:9:30 pm at RRCC
Cost: Free  
Laser Tag
Date: October 27th
Location: Zap Zone
Drop off: 6:30 at RRCC
Pick up: 9:30 at RRCC
Cost: 20 Dollars 
Date: Nov 17th 
Location: Skyzone 
Drop Off: 6:30 pm at RRCC
Pick Up: 9:30 pm at RRCC
Cost: 23 Dollars 
Christmas Lock In 
Date: Dec 15th-Dec 16th 
Location: Rice Road Community Church
Drop off: 9:00 pm Dec 15th at RRCC 
Pick Up: 10:00 am Dec 16th at RRCC
Cost Free  
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Tuesday’s Sign Out System
Starting on May 9th, we will be implementing a sign out system so that we are being proactive concerning your child’s safety. If you feel there is no need for a sign out system for your child please check the box which states that you do not need your child to be signed out. If however you check the box in request that your child is signed out, the sign out process will take place at the R.O.C.K reception desk – located at the bottom of the North staircase. Someone will be there at 8:00 to sign your child out. Please feel free to contact me at Students@riceroadcc.ca if you have any questions or see the FAQ section down below. You can download the U-Turn Information Form from the link below.
What if my child wants to bring a friend? Will they also need to fill out a U-turn Information Form?
No, if your child wants to bring a friend, they do not have to fill out a U-Turn Information form. Simply send us a note with their names, the name of their parent/guardian and a phone number so that we have it just encase we need to contact them. If this friend wants to attend U-Turn on a regular bases, then we will need them to have a U-Turn Information form filled out by their parent/guardian.
Do I need to fill out the section which asks if there is anything I want you to know about my child?
No, you do not need to fill out this section if you feel there is no need. We simply want to make sure that we are equipped with the best information to care  for your child when they are under our supervision. 
What happens if I do not fill out the form?
If you do not fill out the form, we will call you during U-Turn in order determine if you would like your child to be included in the sign out process or not. If you express that you would not like your child involved in the sign out process then we will mark that your child does not need to be signed out and that they can leave without supervision. 
What happens if I want to wait in the car and not come into the church?
If you don’t want to come into the church to get your child simply indicate on the form that your child does not need to be signed out and that they can leave without supervision 
What if I need my child to leave early? 
If you need your child to leave early, please provide them with a note which states which time you will be there to pick them up. One of the leaders will then sign them out at the needed time and make sure they are connected with you when you arrive.
I have multiple children, do I need to fill out more then one form? 
Yes, please fill out one form for each child you have in the program. 
Please feel free to contact me at any time:
Pastor Darren Kendall